Updating a Vintage Fireplace Hearth

Updating a Vintage Fireplace Hearth | Style and the Suburbs

While installing hardwood floors in my living room, I wanted to update the tile hearth in front of the fireplace. I’m sure the green and brown mosaic tiles seemed super lovely with a limestone fireplace back in 1950 (seriously what was with the green on EVERYTHING??), but it was time for an update. The limestone fireplace is one of my favorite parts of my home, so I wanted to find something that complimented it for the hearth.

I ended up buying a few different tile types to compare the color with the fireplace stone in person. After saying no to 3 different colors, I found a perfect cream ceramic tile that picked up hits of gray and orange that were in the natural limestone.

It took a little bit of work chipping out the old tile and deciding how the new tile would be laid out. In order to create a more decorative look, I added a wood molding with mitered corners around the hearth.

I love how the update didn’t change the original look of the fireplace, but gave it a completely updated look.


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