Touchdown Football Cake DIY

I’m usually not a big baker/pinterest craft kind of person (my talents lie in installing ceilings and floors more than the finer crafts..). But, when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, I go all out. Every year, I try to top myself with the best football-themed snacks.

This year, I offered to make a dessert for the party I was attending. I saw a couple of cute ideas for football field cakes on pinterest, but decided to do my own spin on one. My friends and I all went to the Minneapolis Miracle playoff game a few weeks prior to the Super Bowl and that was really the only thing we still had to celebrate at that point. (Sad).

I decided to make the Minneapolis Miracle in cake form, including cookie versions of the players and it turned out so cute! This idea could work for different sports (hockey, basketball, volleyball) and would be perfect for a birthday party or team celebration.

Touchdown Football Sports Field Cake DIY | Style & the Suburbs

The ingredients you will need are:

  • Boxed cake mix (I told you, I don’t get fancy)
  • Eggs, oil, water, as called for on your cake mix
  • 1 container of frosting in the ground color (I did green for football. You can also just use food coloring to make the color you want)
  • 1 tube of frosting for field lines (the white parts on the cake)
  • 1 package of nutter butters
  • 1 package of Wilton eye candies
  • 1 container of cookie icing from Wilton (for the jerseys on the nutter butters)
  • Mini tubes of frosting for jersey numbers

The night before the party, I made the cake mix and was sure to grease the pan with cooking spray really well so that the cake would easily come out of pan. I let it cool overnight after it was baked.

I also used white cookie icing to paint on the “jerseys” on the nutter butter players. I bought the Wilton version of “royal icing” because it does spread out really well and dries hard. You could make your own, but again I’m no Martha over here. I also used this icing to make dots for the eyes and attach the eye candies on the heads.

Touchdown Football Sports Field Cake DIY | Style & the Suburbs

The next morning after everything was able to cool, I took the cake out of the pan and added the main layer of frosting. I melted the frosting in microwave for only 20 seconds just to soften it up a little, but not to make it melty. I used a LOT of frosting to make sure there was a really smooth and consistent coat. I then put it back in the fridge to let it cool.

Touchdown Football Sports Field Cake DIY | Style & the Suburbs

I then added the details to the nutter butter players. In this case it was jersey numbers and little smiles or sad faces. I found that the Wilton mini icing gels are SUPER runny and it was turning into a disaster, so I ran back to the store and found a Cake Mate kind that worked so much better (this is not sponsored, I’m just saying).

Touchdown Football Sports Field Cake DIY | Style & the Suburbs

I then transported all of the materials to the party, where we added the final piece which was the field details. There wasn’t room to do an entire field, but we added yard lines and the Minneapolis Miracle play on the field. We then put the nutter butter players around the field, and one in the endzone to score the touchdown!

Touchdown Football Sports Field Cake DIY | Style & the Suburbs

Touchdown Football Sports Field Cake DIY | Style & the Suburbs

It turned out so cute that no one even wanted to cut into it! I hope yours turns out just as well!

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