The Great Yard Makeover


One of the biggest projects I took on when I bought my home was fixing the yard and landscaping. The lawn was dead and filled with weeds, and the gardens were overgrown. This was simply not up to Style & the Suburbs standards– after all, you don’t move to the suburbs to have the worst lawn on the block!


Over the past 5 years, I have put in a lot of work bringing the lawn back to life and overhauling the gardens. I ended up removing some garden areas that were just too much, and removed a lot of over grown bushes and plants, replacing them with neater arrangements. Digging out plants and re-landscaping is some of the hardest work that I have ever done!

Getting the lawn back to life has required a lot of labor. I used sod in the really rough areas and I used grass seed where the lawn just needed to be repaired. I’ve found that putting the seed down in spring or fall works best because it’s impossible to keep it alive in the dry summer months. Keeping the lawn nice requires work almost every weekend, but I don’t mind a reason to be outside and enjoy the summer months.
I also spent a lot of time fixing up the garden in front of my house. The garden has a beautiful variety of flowers that bloom throughout the year, but there was no order or reason to the layout. There were also 4 giant pine bushes that were floppy and plain ugly. The bushes were really rooted into the ground, so we actually used a jack system to pull them out.
After removing the bushes, I started choosing which plants stayed and went as they started coming up in the spring. There are beautiful tulips and daffodils that I made sure to keep. I pulled a lot of the plants out of the front area of the garden because I wanted to keep this area for lower height plants to prevent the overgrown look.
In place of the old pine bushes, I planted pink roses and blue hydrangeas, which are my favorite flower. I’m hoping for these plants to look more neat than the old bushes, and provide some nice pops of color to the front of the house.
4.jpgTHe Great Yard Makeover | Style & the Suburbs
To finish it all off, I added red mulch to the garden. The mulch makes all of the plants visually pop and helps keep the weeds down. It also keeps the dirt from splashing up onto the stone in the front of my house.
I’m happy that the gardens are actually easier to maintain now, and look nice all summer long. The lawn still requires a lot of upkeep, but that is just part of choosing to own a home! Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your yard looking its best?

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