Landscape Ideas for the Ultimate Curb Appeal

Creating and maintaining curb appeal for your house is a big undertaking and takes a lot of upkeep. The work isn’t easy and most lawns and plants require frequent maintenance. But, curb appeal is also what can add a lot of financial and visual value to your home without investing a lot of money.

My advice for creating the ultimate curb appeal is to have a plan, keep plants simple, and keep up the maintenance for lasting value. After my great yard makeover, I only have to spend a few hours a weekend maintaining my lawn and gardens to keep my home looking beautiful.

Here are some of my favorite inspiration homes for curb appeal to give you some ideas of how simple (or elaborate) you can be.

I love the different heights and layout created by the plants and trees in this yard. This might be a little advanced for your everyday homeowner but it is still totally beautiful and relaxing. The house isn’t too shabby itself!

Image via Pinterest

Blue hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. They are a little tricky to grow in the midwest where I live, but the bushes that I planted are getting bigger each year. I love the wall of hydrangea bushes surrounding this pretty home to add a color pop.

Image via Mix and Chic

I’m also drawn to really simple landscaping that is easier to maintain than elaborate flower gardens. This house is so perfectly neat and organized. I love how the path builds to the front door.

Image via Homeastern

This is more of a boho and flower heavy yard, but still neat and methodically planted. Planning the layout in terms of different heights helps make a yard look organized instead of overgrown.

Image via Danielle Oakey Instagram

And to prove that your house doesn’t have to be a dream house to have stunning curb appeal, this simple house is next level with a simple, symmetrical layout. Although I personally feel like it could be jazzed up with a little color!

Image via Home Bunch

Do you spend time working on the curb appeal of your house? I’d love to know your favorite features or long term goals!




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