Choosing A Kitchen Paint Color

I’ve previously shared that I wanted to update my kitchen wall color as a part of my remodel. I like the retro green color that I currently have, but with the refresh of the counters and floors, I wanted to take the time to make the walls look refreshed and modern as well.

When I first bought my house, I found discounted paint that had already been tinted and picked a color for each room that I was happy with. As I’ve been remodeling rooms, I’ve tried to be more intentional so that the colors look nice and more consistent room to room. This has meant mostly softening colors to be lighter and brighter. For my bedroom, I went with a softer muted pink, and for my home office, I went with a crisper light blue.

For my kitchen, I wanted to do a lighter and grayer green that wasn’t so saturated. With updating the counters and floors to a lighter color, I want the whole kitchen to feel more light and airy because it feels a little dark now.

Choosing A Kitchen Paint Color | Style & the Suburbs

Like I shared in my paint color guide, I always get swatches to tape to my actual wall before picking any color. I get swatches of the color I think that I want, but also go lighter, darker, and grayer to have these to look at in my space. Once I get into my space, I tape the swatches directly to the wall to see exactly how they will look and leave it there for a few days to make sure that I am happy with it.

Choosing A Kitchen Paint Color | Style & the Suburbs

It’s always surprising how different colors look once you get them into your space and I usually end up picking something that looked way different than in the store lighting. As you can see, my preferred color looks very different in natural daylight vs. when the lights are on!

Choosing A Kitchen Paint Color | Style & the Suburbs2

One additional challenge for the kitchen is that my hallway and living room are already painted a greenish gray color. They don’t read super green but because its a similar color family, I want to make sure the kitchen looks different enough from the rooms that are attached to it. Some of the grayer greens that I liked looked too close where it would look like a mistake, so I ended up leaning toward a brighter soft green color. I also always lean towards “too light” because color will always look darker and more saturated when it is the entire room. The color I ended up choosing is Mooring Line by Nautica.

Choosing a Kitchen Paint Color | Style & the Suburbs

I’m going to wait to paint the walls once all of the other work gets done to make sure I am still happy with the color once all of the new elements are in the room! I can’t wait to share updates!

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