My 2019 Christmas Tree

Ever since I used my first real Christmas tree a few years ago, I never want to go back to faux. They are kind of a mess, but there’s just something about a real tree that feels more special (and you can’t recreate the smell!).

The past few years, I’ve cut down pine trees from my own yard that were the perfect size for a christmas tree and that I didn’t want to grow any bigger. I ran out of trees this year so I had to buy one. I love the look of non-traditional trees, so I opted for a douglas fir which is a little more fluffy looking.

My 2019 Christmas Tree | Style & the Suburbs

It’s so hard to tell how full the tree will be, so I chose the 7′-8′ size. I was nervous it would be too small for my space, but just like ever year, it ended up JUST fitting. The tree was so big that the ribbons and garlands that I have didn’t look very nice on it. The branches of the douglas fir also don’t hold things as well as traditional trees, so I opted to keep it simple.

My 2019 Christmas Tree | Style & the Suburbs

I have a large collection of glass gold bulbs and have added a few colorful pop bulbs over the years. I also have a few vintage glass icicle ornaments that I got from my grandma. I used a simple snowflake tree topper and white lights. I love how simplistic the tree is, and it really lets the tree itself be the star.

My 2019 Christmas Tree | Style & the Suburbs

I did buy the tree pretty early for the christmas holiday, so we will see how long it lasts. The douglas fir was shedding a LOT already and I had to vacuum up a ton of dead needles after getting it up. I’m hoping its stable now that I got it in water!

Do you like to get a real tree or do you go faux? When do you usually put your tree up?

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