Painting My Kitchen Walls

After completing my subway tile backsplash, the next step of my kitchen remodel was to paint the walls. I previously shared that I wanted to keep the minty retro green color but to lighten and brighten it a little bit to give my kitchen a brighter look.

After collecting a ton of paint swatches, I landed on a really bright minty green called Mooring Line by Nautica. The color even used a pastel base which makes the brightness pop.

Painting my Kitchen Walls | Style & the Suburbs

Like any color, I was a little hesitant at first because it looked so white against the current green color. To make sure I was happy with it, I started painting the little sections of wall around my kitchen sink. Once  it dried, I was able to see it still read as green and I loved how it brightened the walls.

Painting my Kitchen Walls | Style & the Suburbs

After painting every room in my house (some more than once), I’ve actually come to hate painters tape. It literally always bleeds, no matter how expensive of tape you buy. I’ve found that carefully cutting in along edges with a 1″ paint brush takes just as much time as trying to go in and fix where the paint bled through the tape. I still use tape on the wood trim mouldings just to protect them from any paint residue, but I probably don’t even need to use it since I’m so careful!

Painting My Kitchen Walls | Style & the Suburbs

Painting always takes way longer than you think it will. I had to do 2 coats since I didn’t use a primer over the darker green, but the second coat covered really well. I’ve learned to spend a little extra on a quality paint because it will save you a lot of time and effort if it covers nicely. Cheaper paint is often more watery and will take more coats. I used a cheap paint the last time I did my kitchen and it took 3 coats and STILL had thin spots. That is somewhere where it is not worth saving a few bucks!

Painting My Kitchen Walls | Style & the Suburbs



I’m so happy with how bright and pretty the walls look. It makes the floors look even darker now, and I can’t wait to move onto the next project of replacing them!

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