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The other day, I was telling my coworker about how much I love the Target Beauty Box, and she had never heard of it! I realized that I don’t talk about some of the products that I’m obsessed with, and should really start sharing the products that I can’t live without (because we all know I shop enough to try it all!).

Here’s all the deets you need to know about the Target Beauty Box and a few of my other favorite things.

Target Beauty Box: I like the Target beauty box because it’s not a subscription service–they come out with a new one (or more) each month and you can decide to buy it or not. I usually get it if there is one or two products that I know I would use. They’re often only $7-$10 and come with a $3 off beauty purchase, so it’s a pretty good deal!

Acure Facial Scrub: I love all of the Acure products, but I especially love this facial scrub. The exfoliants are made from sea kelp and lemon peel (which won’t end up polluting water). I have really sensitive skin, but I’ve never had issues with Acure products and I love them to treat my skin every once in a while!

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Lululemon Light Speed Sock: I recommend this sock to anyone who is active or has a pair of shoes to break in. These are my all time favorite sock for running– I’ve put 26.2 miles on in them and didn’t have a single blister! I also wear them when I’m breaking in a new pair of boots because they’re so thin you won’t get blisters, even on the first few wears.

Image via Lululemon

Epic Protein Bars: I love these bars because they have 12g of protein but no added sugar. They taste similar to a lara bar, but have way more protein, making them a better choice for a breakfast or snack on the go!

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Mrs. Meyers Baking Soda Cleaner: This baking soda cleaner works great for cleaning surfaces in your house and smells amazing! It adds a little bit of fun to not-so fun cleaning tasks. I use it to wipe down my counters and sink, and for spills on the floor and in the fridge. It’s a little gritty which seems to really polish and clean better than other cleaners (just don’t use it on stainless steel!).

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. I really have been wanting to try out the Mrs. Meyers products, im actually surprised i havent yet. I always see so many people talk about how amazing they are. Maybe on my next Target shopping trip Ill pick up the one you suggested! Love you post

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