Twin Cities One Mile 2019 Race Recap

Every May, there is a one mile race in downtown Minneapolis. I ran it for the first time last year and had so much fun. I never run “just” a mile, especially during a race, so its a fun way to see how your fitness has improved without a huge commitment.

I’ve been training for a half marathon the last few months (the race is actually TODAY!). I haven’t been focusing a lot on speed, but I have been doing running classes at Flyfeet Running in Minneapolis that focus on strength and speed. Last year, my time was right around the 6:00 mark, so I was hoping to be faster this year, but didn’t really know what I was capable of.

I felt okay on race day. I have been training hard for my half marathon, and had a 13 mile run and a 5k race the weekend before, so I felt like my legs were a little drained. I’ve been feeling that a lot during my training lately, so I’m looking forward to some recovery time after today’s race!

On race day, I had a busy day at work, had to go to volunteering, and had to eat dinner and quickly head to the race. I didn’t have time to warm up and didn’t even jog before, which probably wasn’t the wisest choice. But, this race was just for fun for me, so I didn’t worry too much about it.

Twin Cities One Mile 2019 Race Recap | Style & the Suburbs

I tried to start towards the front of the pack so I could keep up with faster people. The beginning was crowded, because like in every race, there are a bunch of people (and kids) who start at the very front and make everyone weave around them. I felt great once the road became a little less crowded and the first half mile flew by (literally!).

As we made the turn back for the second half, we ended up running into the wind. It wasn’t horribly windy, but it was noticeable. The last half wasn’t fun, but the fun part about a mile is that it’s only uncomfortable for a few minutes. I felt like I was giving 100% but not going as fast as I had wanted. Maybe it was the wind, maybe it was my legs. But I was happy to see the clock was under 6:00 as I crossed the finish.

Twin Cities One Mile 2019 Race Recap | Style & the Suburbs

I ended up running a 5:51.8 (so a 5:52, but 5:51.8 sounds better!). I got 13th out of 741 females, so I definitely can not complain. I secretly had wanted to run a 5:45 (with no reasoning other than it sounding like a good time). Now that I have been running races for a few years, I have learned that not every race is going to be your ideal day. You just have to give your best effort given the conditions of the day and your body. It’s not an excuse not to try your best, but you also can’t beat yourself up if things weren’t perfect.

I can’t wait to see what I’m capable of next year!

Read last year’s race recap here!

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