Bathroom Remodel Inspo

One of the next projects on my home remodel bucket list is my bathroom. I already did a pretty extensive remodel before I moved into my house by refinishing the tile from yellow to white. (You can read about that project here!)

I also put a new floor down and painted the walls. But, I’ve never really loved my bathroom counter or vanity. The stone top is stained in a few places and has yellowed. The vanity is old and just not great. My goal for the project is to replace the vanity and the top to make the bathroom feel new and updated. Depending on how that project goes, I may choose to redo the floors as well, because they are a little plain jane.

We may just build a vanity ourselves from scratch to ensure it fits exactly. This would also be cheaper and free up budget for the countertop and faucet. I’m still in the process of pulling together exactly what I want– I like to take my time on these projects to ensure that I will be happy with the space after its all done!

Here are some of the things I am considering now:


I want to keep with the light to medium natural wood look to fit in with the rest of my house. This also works best in a bathroom with humidity because the wood can be sanded and refinished if it starts to get worn looking.

Image via Amber Interiors
Image via Site Home Design
Image via Becki Owens


I like the idea of a clean white quartz countertop. Its really classic and timeless, and will brighten up the space.

Image via Curated Interior


For the fixtures, I want a look that is simple and not too-any trend. My house is an updated mid century style, so trying to go after something that is super farmhouse or modern is just going to look off. I also want to stick to chrome finish since that’s the finish of everything else in my bathroom. I really like this faucet option by the home depot– its so classic and simple.

Image via The Home Depot
Image via


I have to decide if I really want to update the floors or not, but I really love the idea of a simple classic hexagonal tile. Luckily it wouldn’t be too hard to do since my bathroom is pretty small. Let’s be real, I probably will end up doing this! 🙂

Image via Elkins and Co. 

I’m hoping to start this project by the end of the summer. I’ll keep you guys updated with what I decide!



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