How to Develop Your Personal Style

In the world of constant social media, it’s hard not to be continually influenced by the images you see. But what works for other people might not always work for you. In fact, what other people like might not even be what you like or feel good in. Trends are moving so fast, it’s hard to even keep up with what’s cool these days.

When we are bombarded with the images curated by others, how do you find and keep your own unique style?

Image via Who What Wear

To me, personal style should be what makes you feel the best. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive clothes, it doesn’t have to be the latest trend, but makes you feel confident and comfortable to show up in your life. It’s important to remember that fashion is trend based, but style is how you put it all together.

So where do you begin? Let’s start with the wardrobe that you already have. What do you feel the very best in? Is there a color that people compliment you on when you wear it? Is there a pair of pants or dress that you have nearly worn out because its your go to? Think about what it is about those items that you really love– it could be the style, the fit, or how it makes you feel.

The next step is to build upon those favorite things. If you love a skinny black pant, search that on pinterest and see how other people are styling it. If you love your cobalt blue sweater, search that and see how people are wearing and pairing that color in outfits. You can begin to see different ways of building upon those key pieces, and then focus your new purchases into expanding upon what you already love. You can see my personal style pinterest board here!

For me, I love sporty athleisure looks. Although it used to be frowned upon to wear sneakers with business causal, polished athleisure looks have become more in style in the last few years. I’ve combined my love of my nike sneakers with my more preppy personal style to make it my own.

How to Develop Your Personal Style | Style & the Suburbs

Another way of developing your personal style is to find brands that suit your personal look. Early in my career, I felt like I had to dress the professional part, so I was all about the Banana Republic life. But then I started to realize their pieces were too stuffy and plain for me. I also love how Madewell looks on other people, but I rarely find things that really fit my style there, and that’s okay! Some of my favorite brands these days are J. Crew, Theory, and ASOS for more trendy pieces.

I think it’s also important to know that you don’t have to participate in every single trend out there. For the last few years, cold shoulder tops were all the rage. Beyond the fact that I thought they just looked silly, they didn’t really fit my more polished style. So I didn’t wear them. It’s totally fine to experiment with new trends and try thing on, but don’t feel like you have to wear something that doesn’t feel right to you.

Once you start to nail down your personal look and favorite brands, it’s easier to justify spending more money to invest in pieces you’ll wear for years. Don’t forget to check resale sites like Poshmark to score deals and find things that might not be available anymore!

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