Stylish Winter Outfits You Already Have in Your Closet

I always find dressing in the winter to be the most difficult. When it’s warm outside, you can just throw on a dress or top and skirt and head out the door. With the frigid temps, you have to be both fashionable and practical, which can be so much more challenging.

The key to changing up your winter looks is to utilize what you already have, but pair it with the right pieces to feel appropriate for the season. It’s also important to keep footwear in mind. Ensure your pants or skirt lengths work with the boots you intend to pair them with– this usually means that they are short enough to not interfere with the top of the boot.

Keep reading to check out 3 outfit ideas that utilize peices you probably already have hanging in your closet! 

Skirts + Boots: You don’t have to say goodbye to all of your skirts in the winter! Make them seasonally appropriate by pairing with a sweater and chic boots. The key is to make sure the length of the skirt is a few inches above your ankles, so that it intentionally shows the boots, any lower and you start to get little house on the prairie vibes.

t Image via Tilependant
Image via Harper’s Bazaar

Layered Sweaters: If you’re sick of the same old sweater and skinny jeans look, add a button down shirt under the sweater for a layered look. Just make sure your button down is big enough to look proportionate to your sweater size and shape!

Image via TianaShopUA Etsy
Image via MajaWhy

The Mini Skirt: You don’t have to totally say goodbye to your favorite mini skirts and dresses. Make them winter appropriate by layering with undershirts and cozy scarfs and pair with a pair of over the knee boots or black tights. This is one of my go-to looks when I am sick of wearing the same jeans and leggings all week. The key is to actually be dressed enough on top so you don’t end up freezing all day, even with your legs exposed.

Image via Harper’s Bazaar
Image via Lilies and Lashes
Image via Fashion Jackson

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