Get Meghan Markle’s Classic Style

The start of a new decade is the perfect time to overhaul your personal style. Over the last few years, I have been really trying to adjust my shopping habits from fast fashion items that I won’t wear in a year, to more classic pieces that look great and will last. This means less impulse buys and not always participating in the latest and greatest trends (but does anyone really miss cold shoulder tops from the one summer they were cool?).

One of the best classic style icons over the last few years is Duchess Meghan. Although she probably has a much bigger shopping budget than your average non-royal, her style is very attainable! She has been known to even wear piece from mass retailers like J Crew! I’ve pulled together some of her most classic looks and were you can find the look for less.

The Look:

Image via Buzzfeed

Get The Look:

  • Dress: J Crew Midi Shirtdress $128
Image via J Crew
  • Coat: J Crew Topcoat in Wool Cashmere $398
Image via J Crew

The Look:

Image via Steal the Look

Get The Look:

  • J Crew Every Day Chambray Shirt $78
Image via J Crew
  • J Crew Toothpick Jean $115
Image via J Crew
  • J Crew Sunglasses $205
Image via J Crew

The Look:

Image via Who What Wear

Get The Look:

  • Madewell Denim Dress $118
Image via Madewell
  • J Crew Sweater Blazer $168
Image via J Crew

The Look:


Get The Look:

  • J Crew Shirt Dress $118
Image via J Crew
  • J Crew Suede Pumps $218
Image via J Crew

Although some of these pieces are still a bit of a splurge, stores like J Crew and Madewell often run store wide sales of 20%-50% off merchandise. You can also watch for clearance styles in certain colors.

These pieces are also classic enough that you can wear them season after season for years to come– they won’t go out of style any time soon. You can also see how easy it is to begin to pair these pieces with one another. If you shop strategically, you’ll end up spending less on fast fashion pieces in the long run!


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