What I’m Loving: August

It’s been a few months since I’ve shared what I’m loving. To be honest, this blog has been a little bit of a struggle this year. I always want to be relevant to your lives and right now doesn’t feel like a great time to just be sharing lists of things that you should buy!

For this month’s “what I’m loving”, instead of just sharing stuff, I’m trying to share ideas to treat yourself or make your life just a little happier.

Shopping Those End of Summer Sales: Clothing brands have a LOT of extra inventory from spring and summer due to shutdowns and people just not needing to buy new clothes. I’ve been seeing lots of sales pop up with major discounts (75%-90% off). Although its easy to get swept up and buy a bunch of fast fashion pieces, I’m trying to be smart about investing in pieces that I will love in the future. I scored this gorgeous sweater on clearance at J Crew for $15 last week! It feels fun to treat myself every once in a while, even though I rarely leave the house!

Image via J Crew

Zen Spaces: I’ve been thinking about doing a mini makeover in my bedroom to make it a little more “zen”. The biggest things I want to do are add some softer colors to my bedding, hang new artwork, and add some plants to my nightstands. Look for a makeover post coming soon!

Image via Pinterest

Yoga Flow: This summer, I’ve started doing more yoga and practice almost every day. I’m usually more of a high intensity workout person, but I’m really enjoying the relaxation and calmness I get from yoga. I can tell that I’m already becoming more flexible in the poses, and its really helping my body recover from my marathon training. If you’re not a yoga person, I recommend giving it a try!

Image Via Cultura Collectiva

Practicing Kindness: This could be a whole blog post in itself. Lately, I’ve seen and experienced a lot of anger and resentment between friends and total strangers. Everyone has a lot on their plate, and everyone wants everyone to agree with them on the problems we face. This leads to a lot of short tempers, but only creates a culture where everyone is angry and on edge. What have you done lately to be kind to a stranger or extend an olive branch to a friend that you mistreated?

Image via Heartman 



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