Unique Gift Ideas for the Hard to Shop For

Holiday shopping is just around the corner, and this year, gift shopping might be harder than ever! From not being able to see people in person, to not wanting to linger in a bunch of stores, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the thought of tackling that list.

I’ve pulled together some fun ideas that are mailable, and will work for even the trickiest person on your list! They are sure to still be thoughtful and fun for the people you give them to. In this challenging year, might I recommend a heart felt, handwritten card to go along with a gift. Personal connection is more important this year than ever before!

Plants: There are a ton of companies that have nailed shipping live plants in the last few years. Giving someone a cool plant is a unique gift that can liven up their space. I love The Sill for really nice looking plants with fun planter options. The best part is that they can ship the plant directly to your recipient! I would start shopping early if you plan to shop with them!

Image via The Sill

Meal Service: Since going out to dinner is much more challenging this year, gift people a make at home meal kit from somewhere like Blue Apron. For $60, you can give someone 3 gourmet, make at home meals that include all of the ingredients. You can get physical or digital gift cards.

Image via the Kitchn

At Home Fitness Pass: Class Pass allows users to book virtual or in person workouts at studios across the country. Almost every gym or yoga studio I have gone to accepts class pass, and now they have tons of on demand video workouts. This is a great gift for your active friends who love to try new things! You could even book a class together for a virtual hangout! You could also gift a session to your favorite gym directly to help out those small businesses that have been hurt this year.

Image via Pinterest

World Wildlife Fund Animal Adoption: I came across this program and their adorable adoption gifts and loved the idea for adults or kids. You can choose which animal species you would like to adopt and for $55, you get an ADORABLE stuffed animal, photo, species card, and adoption certificate. There are also different levels of adoption with different packages of gifts. Its a great way to give a meaningful gift that does well in the world, but also is really fun for the recipient! You can check out all of the species you can adopt here!

Etsy: This is probably a really obvious one, but Etsy is my go to to find really clever and unique gifts. My trick is to spend some time hunting for smaller sellers and really unique items. Sometimes the sellers that pop up first in the search are more commercial than you think. Take time to search and find creatives that are worth supporting, like these custom drawings by Mari Ang Shop!

Hopefully this list gives you some new ideas for holiday shopping this year! Do you have any favorite gift ideas for hard to shop for friends and family? Share in the comments below!

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