Gentle Resolutions for 2021

2020 didn’t turn out the way any of us had planned and my guess is that you have at least one goal that had to fall by the way side. Ask me how dating this year went LOL! I think that its really important to give yourself grace and pat yourself on the back for just surviving the year. The new year might seem like the time to make aggressive goals to get yourself back on track, but those life changing resolutions often fail.

Instead, I like to make small changes that I can build upon over time. I think of it like tiny bricks– one brick doesn’t make a big difference but adding brick by brick can build anything! Instead of a crash diet you force yourself to do for 30 days before going back to the same eating habits, what if you tried changing what you eat for breakfast each day to a healthier option? This change is much more sustainable and can end up making a greater impact over the course of a year than a few weeks of extremes.

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Start with one or two of these gentle resolutions, and then try to build upon them each month. You’ll build better habits that will only grow with time!

Move Your Body Every Day: You don’t have to commit to an extreme workout plan to improve your health through exercise. Goal yourself to move for 20 minutes a day– whether its a walk, an exercise video, or some yoga. Once you get in the routine, move to 30 minutes a day, then even longer.

Practice Mindful Eating: Instead of a crash diet that restricts food. try being mindful about your eating. This means adding healthy foods because they make you feel better, but not obsessing over it. This also means making meal time a priority, instead of watching tv or scrolling at your phone. It also means respecting your cravings when you just want something sweet because there is nothing wrong with it!

Learn to Say “No“: Saying no is something we don’t do or hear enough, but its a great skill to work on. We simply can’t do everything and we can’t be everything to everyone. Don’t feel guilty turning down extra work, saying you don’t have time to catch up with a friend, or other commitments. I don’t think we are used to hearing no from other people, and it can lead to conflict. Remember that no is a complete sentence, and you don’t have to defend yourself in these situations!

Reduce Screen Time: Earlier this year, I did a social media cleanse and it really helped me reset my habits. If you find yourself constantly checking in on social media or feeling insecure about your life based on what you consume, its time for a break! You could take a few weeks off, or just limit yourself to 20 minutes a day on your favorite app. No need to announce it to the world– just step away when you need to.

Try a New Hobby: Its great to learn something new, and new years is a perfect time to commit to finding a new hobby this year. You don’t have to learn a new language or tackle something that takes a ton of investment, but I challenge you to get into new things. Maybe you want to hike more and explore nature. Maybe you want to try baking more. Maybe take a cooking class. You also don’t have to commit to these things forever or even master them. Challenge yourself to spend an afternoon just trying something once a month.

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