My Simple Bright Spring Décor

January is always a hard transition for your home décor. Its time to put away all of the holiday festivity, but it also really doesn’t feel like spring. I like to use this transition time to reduce clutter and brighten everything up a little bit.

It feels so good just to empty out your rooms and put away all of that holiday décor. I sort of like starting with a really blank slate in each room, and then deciding where to go from there. Since I’m trying to be smart about spending this year, I really tried to work with pieces that I already had, and just styled them in new combinations.

I wanted my décor to feel really bright and optimistic, so I used a lot of simple white textiles that I already had, and then layered in a lot of greenery and plants. I kept my dried greenery garland from my holiday mantle, and made it feel refreshed with more spring-forward décor around it.

I love how clean and open my home feels right now. I’ll probably change things out again in a few months to celebrate spring a little more, but for now it feels just right.

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