5 Ways to Avoid Burnout in Pandemic Year 2

Here we are on the anniversary of when the pandemic hit! I remember being at work this time last year and thinking how strange it was that we would work from home an entire week, maybe even 2 weeks! A year later, and here we are. 

Thinking about year 2 is hard for me. Going through a year of missed things seems bad enough, but we always had hope for “next year”. Even with the bad, there is hope to look forward to this year. 

  1. Take Vacation Days: Yes, it seems lame to use vacation days when you aren’t going anywhere or doing anything, but you still need a break from work. Take a day to do you— whether it’s to watch movies, clean your house, go for a walk, whatever! I’m someone who feels guilty for “wasting” days, but you really just can’t give 100% week after week without taking some me time. 
  2. Take Lunch Breaks: My work from home days have sort of just merged into a work from home life and I had to make some changes. One of those was being sure not to work in my bedroom, and the other was having more set work hours. This includes shutting my computer for an hour over lunch. Sometimes I work out. Sometimes I clean my house. Sometimes I sit on my phone and do nothing. It seems like silly or wasted time when you’re busy at work, but I’ve found it really helps with the burnout just to not look at my laptop for 8 hours straight. 
  3. Get Outside: Remember at the beginning of the pandemic when everyone started going for strolls becuase it was the only thing to do? We should still be doing that! Being outside changes your scenery, gets you body moving, and gives some structure to your day. Whether it’s a morning run or a walk after work, make it part of your routine to have daily outdoor time. 
  4. Connect with Friends: I’ve only seen a couple of friends the entire last year and that’s hard! I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat. Even though it’s hard, find ways to keep connecting. Whether it’s a walk outside or sending them something to remind them you’re thinking about them. It’s easy to get in a rut of just doing your own thing, but don’t forget to stay connected with your people. 
  5. Try Something New: Break up the monotony by trying new things. Discover a new park. Try a new hobby like biking or roller blading. Or order takeout from a new location. Even if you don’t love it, you’re training yourself to be curious and open! 

Do you have any tips for how you’ve avoided burnout? Comment below! 

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