My Favorite Running Gear from Lululemon

I used to be really skeptical of running clothes from Lululemon. The needs of a runner are much different than someone wearing clothes for yoga or other workouts. Between fit, pockets, and ventilation, you want clothing that is specially designed for the demands of running. Over the years, Lululemon’s running specific gear has become really good, and most of my staple pieces are from them. I also appreciate that they consistently offer the same products, year after year, with only minor changes. This way you don’t have to start over every time you need something new.

Since we’re getting into the best running weather of the year, I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces that I keep using (and would buy again!).

Speed Up Shorts: The Speed Up Short is the only short I run in, and I own multiple, multiple pairs. One of my biggest issues with running shorts is that they are too bulky or bunchy. The speed up shorts are pretty short and slim cut, so you don’t end up with chaffing from the fabric. The waistband also stays up and doesn’t slide down, even when I stash a phone or gels in the back pocket. I buy the 2.5″ inseam because I like them to be as minimal as possible, but they make a 4″ inseam if you like more coverage. They’ve also introduced a higher waisted version too!

Image via Lululemon

Swiftly Tech Shirts: The Swiftly Tech collection of tops has a seamless construction (think of a singular knit tube!), so it minimizing chaffing or irritation on your body. They’re smooth as a glove, and stay put on your body. The long sleeve is one of my favorite pieces for chilly morning runs where you know its going to warm up as you go. They are very breathable, so you don’t end up overheating. I ran my last marathon in this shirt! Its a little bit of a splurge, but I’ve had the same shirt for years and its still in great condition. You can sometimes snag last season’s colors on sale too!

They also make tees and tanks in this same construction. I don’t frequently run in tees, but I just got a new tank for this summer. I am excited to try it!

Image via Lululemon

Speed Up Tights: The Speed Up Tights are my favorite running tights. These are a perfect example of something that is really good for runners, but wouldn’t be good for everyday wear. The speed up tights have a very fitted waistband, which is often called out as negative in the reviews, but when you’re running for miles and miles, you need this cut so the pants don’t start to slide down! They also run a little tight for compression, which again isn’t great for casual wear, but is what you want for running! They also have pockets on the hips, which might not look the most flattering, but are so convenient to slip your gels or stash gloves mid run.

I have 2 pairs of these tights, one of which is fleece lined for winter. I wore them running almost every day this winter! They’ve held up really well. As I shared in my post about caring for Lulu gear, I never put my pants in the dryer.

Image via Lululemon

Run for it All Hooded Gloves: Since it can still be chilly in the spring, I love these lightweight gloves for my morning runs. They’re not super warm or insulated, but cover your hands and have a mitten shield that blocks wind. If my hands get too hot, I just take that part off! The gloves are also lightweight enough to stash in a pocket if your hands get way too hot!

Image via Lululemon

Sometimes the prices can be a little steep, so I always try to stock up at the end of seasons when my favorite items go on sale. Once you learn which styles are your favorite, its easier to plan ahead and know what you’ll want! Check out my post on scoring deals at Lululemon here!

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