My Dining Chair Upgrade

I’ve been on the hunt for new dining chairs for a while now. I purchased my current chairs when I first bought my house over 7 years ago, and they were just cheap stacking chairs. I liked the modern form and they were within my budget at the time. But, it was time for an upgrade to something a little nicer!

I had a few constraints when looking for a new chair– I really wanted the new chairs to fit my space aesthetically. A lot of dining chairs either felt TOO modern or way TOO traditional for my style. My dining table area is also pretty small, so I needed chairs that would physically fit within the space. My current dining table is also a dark wood, so I wanted any wood accents to coordinate with the wood tone. I also didn’t want to spend more than around $100 a chair.

I was also specifically hoping to find white chairs. I like keeping the space feeling bright and airy, and white would work with any types of table linens across the seasons.

This seems like not that hard of a list of constraints, but it took a lot of hunting to find the right chairs!

I am very grateful for my friends who endured months of me sending screenshots of different options, and gently talking me down from things I didn’t want. I considered everything from pink chairs that were on clearance, to custom upholstered chairs that were way over my budget. I also thought of sewing my own chair covers to get the white linen look I was hoping for.

I then decided that I was open to a mix of 2 types of chairs– a fancier captain chair for the ends of the table, and accent chairs for the center. This opened up more options space wise, as well as price wise, since I could now consider 2 more expensive chairs along with 2 cheaper ones to offset it.

I once again spent weeks comparing options, but kept going back to these amazing upholstered chairs from the Studio McGee collection at Target. I was really nervous about them being too large for my table, and questioned if the accent chairs in the collection would look nice in my space.

Image via Target

I finally decided to just order the chairs, because they were within budget and I kept comparing everything to them! I ended up ordering the white wood accent chairs from the collection, because I was unsure if the dark wood tone would match my table. I was worried the white wood chairs would be too white compared to the upholstered ones, but it seemed like a better fit.

It took a little work to put all the chairs together, and I had my fingers crossed that I would like them, so I didn’t have to take them apart to return them! They ended up JUST fitting my table, and I was really happy with how they looked!

The style and color fits my space perfectly and the chairs are a really nice quality. Both styles are also really comfortable to sit in and I’ve been spending more time at my table now that I have them! I was also able to sell my old chairs to help cover some of the cost of the new ones (since I did go a little over budget!).

Some day I might look for a nicer quality table that is just a little bigger, but it works for now!

You can find the upholstered chairs HERE from Target, and the wood accent ones HERE!

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