How to Style a Console Table

I’ve been planning to upgrade and restyle part of my bedroom for a while now, but other projects have kept getting in the way. The wall across from my bed is sort of a dead space, where I currently have a little end table and a vintage mirror. Its sort of become a catchall space, and was never really something that I planned or thought out.

I finally decided to upgrade and make it a more usable space for myself. I mostly wanted it to look nicer, more intentional, and have a little bit of storage. Like any project, I spent a month or two looking and planning. At first I just wanted to update the mirror, but realized it would be better to get a better furniture piece like a console table to fit my needs.

I found a really beautiful wood console with caning shelves at Target. I liked the style, quality, and it was a great price! I was planning on also purchasing a larger round mirror, and found one that coordinated with other brass frames that I have in my room. I’m also always thinking about how pieces will look with the style throughout my house, so nothing starts to feel too out of place. The vintage style of the table worked perfectly with the overall look in my house.

To style the table, I started with what I already had: a blue stone tray, and a teal throw blanket, and some coffee table books. The key to styling a console table is to find ways to connect the various items, like repetition of color.

Its also important to create some height with the table along your wall. I positioned the mirror high enough that it balances out all of the objects on the table. I also created height with the vase arrangement, that has a blue tinted glass to tie into the other objects.

I knew that I needed to add some functional storage to the table, so I found some great white baskets with leather trim handles. I initially had one basket, but to balance out the table, I ended up getting a second one. You can see that the visual weight of the two baskets offsets the tall vase arrangement on the other side. When styling a table, you may have to play around with positions and heights of items. The key is to make it feel visually weighted the same across the whole table.

To finish it off, I picked up this wood bead garland that has a similar color tone to the table and leather handles on the baskets. It adds just a little pop of trendy style to the otherwise neatly arranged table. I’m so happy with how it all turned out, and wish I would’ve updated it a long time ago!

One thought on “How to Style a Console Table

  1. Thank you for your blog, I love your style of the console table with decor, it seems very bright and reminds me of lovely sunny days. I find it interesting how you have chosen your items for decoration, I do struggle with this and I have learnt a lot from your blog.

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