Easy Tips to Become a Better Public Speaker

Public speaking doesn’t come natural to anyone, and I’m not sure anyone actually enjoys doing it (if they do, they may be lying!). As a very introverted person, I really struggle with presentations or speaking to large groups. I tend to get really nervous, talk really fast, and not say enough, just to get it over with. 

I frequently present designs as a part of my job, sometimes to celebrities and executives, so it’s something I’ve really had to work on over the course of my career! I have to say, I’ve gotten better at at! I wanted to share some of the things that helped me the most. 

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How to Get Over a Setback

I recently shared that it was the 5 year anniversary of when I got laid off from my dream job as a product designer at Target. For me, my job wasn’t just a job. It was something that me and the people around me had worked so hard for. I was a straight A, all of the honor clubs and sports, deans list while juggling jobs and internships type of person. I had done everything to earn my job, and did everything right while there, but still was one of the unlucky people who got let go that day.

It shattered me.

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Tips to Be Productive While Working From Home

A lot of us find ourselves working from home due to the corona virus outbreak. What may seem fun at first could end up feeling isolating and uninspiring after a few days. This could be why so many people flock to coffee shops to independently work but still feel connected!

As someone who works from home frequently already, I have a few tips to make your days productive and enjoyable.

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Career Advice for Millennial Women

I recently met with a student that I’m mentoring and decided it was time to have “the talk”. The talk about real career advice, and the things millennial women can face in the workforce. Getting the job can be hard, doing the job can be harder. But, there are a lot of tools that you can use to navigate the ups and downs.

Here are my tips for getting that job and finding success and happiness once you’re there.

Image via @Luna.Wrote

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