Landscape Ideas for the Ultimate Curb Appeal

Creating and maintaining curb appeal for your house is a big undertaking and takes a lot of upkeep. The work isn’t easy and most lawns and plants require frequent maintenance. But, curb appeal is also what can add a lot of financial and visual value to your home without investing a lot of money.

My advice for creating the ultimate curb appeal is to have a plan, keep plants simple, and keep up the maintenance for lasting value. After my great yard makeover, I only have to spend a few hours a weekend maintaining my lawn and gardens to keep my home looking beautiful.

Here are some of my favorite inspiration homes for curb appeal to give you some ideas of how simple (or elaborate) you can be.

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The Great Yard Makeover


One of the biggest projects I took on when I bought my home was fixing the yard and landscaping. The lawn was dead and filled with weeds, and the gardens were overgrown. This was simply not up to Style & the Suburbs standards– after all, you don’t move to the suburbs to have the worst lawn on the block!

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DIY Pressed Flower Art

I recently came across a really pretty pressed flower artwork on pinterest. I loved the simplicity but color pops of the flowers, and I’m always looking for ways to bring real artwork into my home. I thought it would be a fun project to do myself!


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Removing Outdoor Carpet from Concrete

Removing Carpet from Concrete | Style & the Suburbs

When I bought my house, there were a few questionable things done to it by the previous owners. One of them was the terrible green outdoor carpet that was glued down to my front and back steps. Who even does that? The carpet was ugly, hard to shovel the snow off of, and just didn’t look right with the rest of the house. I wasn’t sure what the condition of the concrete steps were underneath, but I was willing to fix it if needed.

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Yard Goals

After owning my home for a few years, I’ve finally created the best yard on the block. It’s taken a lot of work to clean out overgrown gardens, plant new flowers, update landscaping, and rid the lawn of weeds.

Maintenance each year includes putting in new colored mulch (which I freshen up a few times during the summer), spraying weeds in the lawn once a week, watering, then lots of mowing. I try to water in the mornings when the lawn is still cool, but its hard to do with my schedule, so I usually just end up moving the sprinkler around all weekend long.

Most of my flower gardens are maintenance-free other than a little bit of weeding and pruning. The colored hydrangeas require a lot of water and a soil acidifier a few times each spring and summer. My side garden is full of colorful booms that change throughout the summer. Its perfect for making pretty bouquets!

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Setting A Summer Table

Summer Table Inspiration | Style & the Suburbs

Because my dining room is combined with my living room, my dining table is one of the focal parts of my home. It sits in front of large windows that get the most beautiful morning sunlight (which makes for some great photos for my blog & instagram account!). I always like to have my table set with a simple and pretty setting, and I change it up every few months for the new season.

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