My Simple Bright Spring Décor

January is always a hard transition for your home décor. Its time to put away all of the holiday festivity, but it also really doesn’t feel like spring. I like to use this transition time to reduce clutter and brighten everything up a little bit.

It feels so good just to empty out your rooms and put away all of that holiday décor. I sort of like starting with a really blank slate in each room, and then deciding where to go from there. Since I’m trying to be smart about spending this year, I really tried to work with pieces that I already had, and just styled them in new combinations.

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What I’m Loving: Shades of Green

We’ve finally made it to spring! I love this time of year when the flowers in my yard start popping up as if winter never even happened. I try to bring as much fresh flowers and greenery into my home as possible.

My favorite flowers are the peonies and lilacs from my yard because they smell amazing. Instead of giant arrangements that are difficult to maintain, I’m loving collections of jars and vases to create pretty displays. For my table, I mixed new vases from Target’s Hearth & Hand collection with an vintage bottle in a similar tone and added a pop with tulip stems.

What I'm Loving: Green Vases and Fresh Flowers | Style & the Suburbs

Here’s some of my favorite inspiration:

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The Great Garden Makeover DIY

One of the first projects I did when I bought my house was fixing up the lawn and landscaping. When I bought the house, the front garden was pretty overgrown with large pine bushes that just looked dated and messy. My goal for the project was to visually clean up the space, add some more color, and make it easier to maintain.


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How to Care for Hydrangeas


If you follow my Instagram feed, you’ll know how much I love hydrangeas. My yard was full of white hydrangeas when I bought my house, but I wanted to add more color when I redid the landscaping last year.

I found beautiful blue hydrangea plants at my local plant store and planted them in front of my house. In order to turn the blooms blue, you need to add a soil acidifier to water and pour it on the plants. I do this a couple times in the spring before the plants bloom. Sometimes the leaves start to turn brown, so I give them a little more throughout the summer.

The blue hydrangeas are also very temperature and water sensitive and wilt when it gets too dry or hot (don’t we all?). The front of my house gets a lot of sun so I have to water them almost every day in the summer. It’s interesting that one of the plants is more shaded and had grown bigger and more blue than the one directly in the sun.

Over the freezing Minnesota winter, I covered the plants in leaves and burlap and they survived just fine. The plants have come back double the size this year.

I recently added a pink/purple hydrangea to my garden and can’t wait to see what the color turns out to be!