Kitchen Remodel Inspiration

After slowly remodeling each room in my house, I’ve finally gotten to my kitchen. I’ve waited on this remodel because I knew it was going to be the priciest and like every project, I want to do it right and with quality materials so it lasts.

My parents knew the woman who built my house back in 1950 and she told them stories of how her husband was mad at the people who installed the birch cupboards because some of the doors have seams in them. Because I’m sure there are 5 foot wide birch trees just hanging out everywhere! The cupboards have never been refinished or painted (sorry everyone who paints everything white, stay away from my kitchen), and are beautiful solid wood that has lasted over 60 years.

Someone cut a spot for a dishwasher (looking at you previous owners), and I am determined to find someone who can take it out and patch in the spot because it just doesn’t visually fit the kitchen.

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Basement Remodel Reveal!

When I first moved into my house, my basement was a pretty scary place with dated tile, unfinished ceilings, and wood paneling walls covered in industrial shelves.

Basement Mancave Home Gym Remodel | Style and the Suburbs

Over the past few years, I’ve painted, added carpeting, and stripped the paint off of the cabinets to make the room more livable but still didn’t love it. I’ve been using my basement as a home gym and spending a lot of time there during the cold Minnesota winters, so it was a priority to refresh it into a usable space.

Goals for the remodel were: new ceiling, new lighting (and updated electric), painting walls, and tiling the floor. We wanted to work from the top down, and started with the ceiling. After installing drywall board, mudding, taping, sanding, and repeating, the ceiling looked flawless after being primed and painted.

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Basement Remodel Part One

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the extended time MIA.. I’m so much better at doing projects than writing about them!

I picked up running a few years ago and am totally in love with the challenge and the transformation it has done to my body. I live in Minnesota which makes it nearly impossible to run for parts of the winter. I try to bundle up when I can, but it’s still difficult to get a good workout in when its below zero outside. Last winter I created a little gym in my basement so I could run indoors on the really bad days. This winter, I decided it was on my to-do list to finish off the room and make it a place that I actually wanted to spend time in.

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