How to Make The Most of FREE Retail Loyalty Programs

Although I love to shop, I always try to be frugal with my money and how I spend it. I almost never pay full price for shoes or clothing, and most of my wardrobe is bought at 75% off or more from retail price! One of my top secrets is to make the most of loyalty programs—even at places you shop a few times a year. Here are some of my favorite loyalty programs to score a deal:

Sephora: Membership is free, and members get points to redeem for free products and a free birthday gift. You also get 2 free beauty samples with each order. I don’t shop at Sephora often, but I order makeup a few times a year from them, so I signed up for their rewards program and was pleasantly surprised. I recently stocked up on a few of my essentials, and was able to stack a birthday gift for a mini beauty set, redeem my points for a lip gloss, plus get two moisturizer samples. They also have free shipping with $50 orders, so it pays to stock up on things at once, especially when you can redeem points on top of it!

J Crew: Membership is free, and members get free shipping, special coupon discounts that can sometimes be stacked on top of other promo codes, and extra $5 off coupons with points. This is a newer reward program, and as a frequent J. Crew shopper, I have saved a lot through free shipping and the $5 coupons!

Madewell: Madewell has a tiered reward program, depending on how much you spend. I have just the free base level reward program, but it unlocks free shipping, free monogramming, and a $20 birthday coupon with no minimum purchase. They have also been sending out $20 off coupons a few times throughout the year. I don’t shop at Madewell very much, but I can usually find something inexpensive to spend the coupon on, and often just pay a couple of dollars for it!

Abercrombie: Membership is free, and members collect points that unlock coupons and special coupon codes. The coupons are usually 20% off a $50 purchase, which isn’t as good as some other programs, but they sometimes also send promo codes that can be stacked on other codes. Whenever I buy something, I also usually get another coupon emailed to me the next day. I buy most of my jeans from Abercrombie, so the extra discounts are nice!

Starbucks: Although the Starbucks loyalty program changed a few years ago, it’s still worth having their gold card if you go there! You have to spend a certain amount in order to earn “gold” status, but then you start to earn points through dollars spent. You can redeem 125 points for a free drink or food item. You can choose any size drink as your free drink, so you can treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally buy!

Do you have any favorite loyalty programs? I’m sure there are plenty out there that I don’t use!

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