The Best Skincare Products At Sephora

As I’ve reached my 30’s, I’ve become much more focused on skincare instead of makeup. I’ve always tried to take good care of my skin, but now I’m much more focused on keeping a healthy glow.

I’ve experimented with tons of products over the years and have been a regular at the dermatologist for acne treatments. You can much stronger treatments from a dermatologist, but there are a lot of great products you can buy without a prescription. Here are some of my favorites that are totally worth your money:

Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Gel: When I’m not using prescription acne treatment, this salicylic acid treatment does wonders. You can use it all over your face or as a spot treatment. It also has witch hazel that helps tighten your pores. Like most products, it takes a few weeks to start working. But after a month, my skin is almost perfect. It actually has worked better for me than topical prescriptions!

Image via Sephora


Sunday Riley Luna Retinol Sleep Oil: I started using this product from a sample and was shocked by the results after just a few nights. Retinol helps exfoliate the skin, but can be drying and irritating especially around your eyes. This oil is dreamy smooth and leaves your skin noticeably smoother the next day! I’ve even noticed enlarged pores around my nose have almost disappeared. I only use it as a spot treatment around my eyes, given how easily I break out, but I won’t go without it now! It’s pretty expensive but just a little drop of it goes a really long way.

Image via Sephora


Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment: One of my biggest skincare concerns is dark marks left from acne. I’ve tried countless products, including prescription retinol and haven’t been thrilled with the results. The best product that I have found is Sunday Riley Good Genes. This product is no joke— usually by the end of the day, an entire layer of my skin will peel off. Because its so effective, you have to be careful how often you use it. If you are looking for something to produce fast results, this is it!

Image via Sephora


Belief The Truth Cream Aqua Bomb: This is my favorite moisturizer because it gives your skin hydration without being heavy, filmy, or greasy. It doesn’t make me break out, and doesn’t bother delicate skin like around my eyes. I use it at night and sometimes again in the morning for extra glowing skin! The gel spreads really easy on your skin, so just a little bit goes a really long way.

Image via Sephora

Do you have any favorite skin care products? Share in the comments below!

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