How to Score Deals on Lululemon Gear

One way to make exercising a little more enjoyable is fancy workout clothing. Quality clothing can make your workouts better by keeping you comfortable and staying in place. Its also fun to treat yourself to new gear when you meet a goal or just want to motivate yourself.

At first, I was very skeptical of the lululemon brand. A lot of their yoga specific styles were not functional for runners, which is my sport of choice. Over the years, they have expanded their running specific styles and have developed really functional, quality items For someone who spends a lot of time running, I am willing to splurge to have the right socks, shorts, or sports bra to make the activity enjoyable. I also enjoy the style and aesthetic design of their items.

The only thing that I don’t love is the price. As a product designer, I understand the amount of research and development that goes into a good product. Lululemon also uses quality materials and construction that can cost more and take more time to make than a cheaper brand that “looks” similar.

But, if you’ve followed this blog, you know how much I love a deal. Why pay more for something you can find for less? As a deal hunting pro, here are some of the best ways to score deals on lululemon gear.

“We Made Too Much” Sale Section: The easiest way to access discounted lululemon gear is from their online sale section. Note that they call it “we made too much”, instead of the traditional “sale” name. I try to shop this section frequently, especially at the end of a season. Sometimes they advertise their marked down merchandise in end of season sales. I’ve recently scored winter running gear at over 50% off to put away for next year. They also frequently mark down old fashion colors, so you can get deals on your favorite styles. One note is that sale items are all final sale and can not be returned.

In Store Clearance: I also frequent the in store sale rack. Again, its pretty unmarked but can usually be found in the back of the store. Clearance items will have a colorful new price sticker on the tag. Its usually hit or miss, but I have found some really good deals on items that I had been looking for!

Price Matching: Lululemon customer service will also price match the same item online and in stores, so its worth double checking something online before you buy in the store, or if you see something marked down in a store but they only have your size online. Note this is only for use at the time of purchase (you can’t go back if something was marked down more the next day).

Rare Deal Days: The only real “sale” days I have ever seen at lululemon is for International Women’s Day. In previous years, they have done storewide % off deals that match the day (which signifies how much more women would have to work to match men’s pay from the previous year). If you are hoping to buy something, waiting for this day is worth it!

Military, First Responder, and Trainer Discount: Lululemon has discount programs for military and first responders, as well as for professional trainers. These discounts are up to 25%, but you’ll need to provide documentation to prove your status. Check out their website for more info!

Resale Apps: I have found a lot of deals on new or gently used lululemon clothing on resale apps like Poshmark and Mercari. I suspect a lot of people buy things and then realize they aren’t getting the use out of it for how much they paid. The no-return policy on sale could also contribute to the resale market. A lot of the styles sell fast, but if you set up alerts or check back frequently, you can get major deals! If something is used, be sure to look for signs of wear or putting in the dryer, like pilling or funky looking seams.

Lululemon Outlet: Lululemon also has outlet stores across the country with all sorts of marked down merchandise! Be careful that some gear is made for outlet stores and might not have the same quality or performance. I intentionally look for the styles that has been marked down from the actual store.

Taking Care of Your Gear: Premium workout clothing like lululemon should last. I’ve found that they have really good customer service when I had a pricey pair of pants rip after a few months. I couldn’t find my receipt since it had been so long, but they took the damaged pants back and sent me a gift card to replace them. Its also important to care for your workout clothing in the proper method so that they don’t break down. I have an entire post dedicated to caring for you lululemon gear here!

Sell You Old Stuff: In addition to shopping for Lululemon on resale apps, consider selling your old stuff too. I’ve found the brand has a really high resale value, and making a little extra cash off stuff that I don’t wear funds new purchases!

With all of these methods, you can score most, if not all of your gear at a discount!

3 thoughts on “How to Score Deals on Lululemon Gear

  1. I love lululemon. I too was skeptical at first. What is all the fuss until I tried them. The leggings definitely stay up when working out vs my Nike leggings I have to keep pulling up. I love the side pockets for my phone and small wallet as well.

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