Easy Frame Hack for a Stylish Bedroom

Once of my most recent DIY projects was updating the picture frames above my bed. Before, I had one frame that I had painted white. It served its purpose, but it was time for an upgrade.


One way to make your home look stylish and more well designed is large scale art. Statement pieces feel more purposeful and can become the focal point for a room. For my bedroom, I chose 2 large scale skinny gold frames with large mattes to hold a 5″x7″ photo. I loved the contrast of the skinny frame with the thick matte. You can find a similar frame here!

For the photos, I chose to use my own photographs from some of my favorite trips. I love the idea of art or photos that are personal to me to bring happy memories and energy into a space. Its much more meaningful than stock art!

Before hanging the frames, I spent a lot of time measuring and marking the walls to ensure they were centered and at the right height above the bed. At first, I thought that I would want them to be centered between the wall and headboard, but they just felt too high. I ended up redoing the holes to lower them a little bit.

I love how elevated the new frames look and the thick white matte looks nice and airy in my space. It was a quick and inexpensive project to freshen up the space!

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