Basement Remodel Part One

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the extended time MIA.. I’m so much better at doing projects than writing about them!

I picked up running a few years ago and am totally in love with the challenge and the transformation it has done to my body. I live in Minnesota which makes it nearly impossible to run for parts of the winter. I try to bundle up when I can, but it’s still difficult to get a good workout in when its below zero outside. Last winter I created a little gym in my basement so I could run indoors on the really bad days. This winter, I decided it was on my to-do list to finish off the room and make it a place that I actually wanted to spend time in.

With the help of dad (as always!), we re-did the electric, installed new recessed lighting with bright LED bulbs, and then sheetrocked the ceiling. The ceiling had to be one of the least fun projects that I’ve done on my house. Working above your hand and sanding pounds of dust of the ceiling was not enjoyable to say the least. But the good news is that it turned out perfect. I also covered some ugly wood paneling with high hide primer and then spackled in a few holes and dents before painting it all gray to match the rest of the room. I don’t promote any specific brand, but when it comes to paint I recommend buying the best quality you can get because it adheres and covers so much better. I covered the dark wood walls with only two coats of primer and one coat of paint.



Next up was ripping up carpet that I had added when I first moved in. I originally wanted to cover the old tile in the room and got a cheap remnant that did the job. I later ended up tiling my entire basement in a really nice neutral beige tile and wanted to continue the tile for consistency. (I also just really hate carpet).


I can’t believe how much brighter the room became by adding a celling and lightening up the walls!

Next steps include finishing the tile work and decorating away. I can’t wait to share some of my fun décor finds with you all!

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