My Cheerful and Festive Holiday Mantle

This year, it seems widely accepted that everyone wants to decorate for the holidays early. I love scrolling social media and seeing everyone’s cheerful and happy spaces. For my holiday decor this year, I wanted to ensure it felt really bright and special, especially now that I spend most of my time at home!

To make my mantle extra special, I ordered a fresh olive leaf and myrtle garland from Pottery Barn. This year, I felt like I would actually be able to enjoy the fresh smell! I also liked how pretty and fresh it feels. It starts as fresh and then slowly dries out, but you can continue to use it for up to a year.

To coordinate with this lighter and festive look, I went with a fun pom pom wreath from Target, and rounded out the mantle with white ceramic houses, my colorful bottle brush trees, and some golden candle holders. I also ended up getting new white Christmas stockings, since all of mine were more traditional Christmas colors. I found some brand new Hearth and Hand with Magnolia ones from last year’s collection on a resale app!

I spent a lot of time planning how the elements would look together before actually purchasing anything. That way I could be more intentional with what I bought. I knew I wanted some new mini trees for the fireplace hearth, and found these Hearth and Hand ones at Target. I loved that I got both trees for $20! I also like that they are really simple and will work for years to come.

I love how my mantle is simple, cheerful, and bright for the Christmas season. I’ve been working on decorating the rest of my home as the month goes on, but its taking a little more planning and shopping for those spaces! Stay tuned!

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